Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Students Ask...

Students lined up to ask questions of a panel I was a part of tonight regarding the election and the state of American politics going forward.  Here's some of what they asked:

  • Is there any hope for climate change legislation?
  • Just how steep is the fiscal cliff?
  • Just what are the automatic cuts in the fiscal cliff?
  • Will the Republican Party move to the center, mirroring the New Democrats of the 1990s, or remain on the far right because of the influence of the Tea Party?
  • Will Congress break out of gridlock?
  • Will Congress pass immigration reform, specifically some version of the Dream Act?
  • Will same-sex marriage recognition move forward and on what path?  Through legislation, an Amendment, or the courts?
  • Can we make the election process more efficient?
  • How should we measure the effects of Citizens United?
  • How will women voters continue to shape future elections?
  • What is the future of our foreign policy with China?
  • Is the American Dream still alive?  Can people still move upward in society in the same way they might have even ten years ago?

Seems to me like they're matching the Washington press corps question for question.

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