Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Some items of note in the news:

At Talking Points Memo, the theory has been floated that Chief Justice John Roberts is trying to pull Justice Kennedy back from the DOMA cliff that the four liberal justices are ready to jump over. Meanwhile, the junior Senator from Illinois, Mark Kirk, has endorsed gay marriage, bringing the number of Republican Senators on the gay marriage train to 2.

I mentioned in an earlier post that political scientists and others made a case in Foreign Affairs for a broader discussion on geoengineering and more research four years ago. The same authors have written a postscript in the most recent Foreign Affairs reaffirming their original message while noting that chatter about the subject has exploded while research has remained relatively stagnant.

The good news of the week: another major advance in energy storage. Battery research and breakthroughs in the next five years may have us on the threshold of a renewable energy transformation.

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