Monday, June 10, 2013


A pause at TheUnionMarches these past two weeks for the ending of the academic year and commencement exercises for graduates. It is a strange time. What is a threshold of great meaning for students is an annual event for teachers, and the emotional toll of celebration and leavetaking for me is eased by the knowledge that comes from living the ritual yearly. The sorrow that comes each year always contends with, and always falls before the renewal of faith inspired by the critical minds of the young. And if this blog by needs of its own purpose dwells on the host of dysfunctions permeating American society and politics, then perhaps it is right to take a moment to honor those who are setting out in the world determined to do something about it. Indeed, some of them already have.

So here is to them. They are activists and divestors. They are seekers of social justice. They are feminists. Watch for them with hope and expectation. They will get things done.

I will return to matters of history and politics in the coming days.

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