Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Geoengineering Spooks

I have written about geoengineering science and the political imperative for research on solar radiation management. The goal in establishing such an initiative, as with any scientific research of such magnitude and impact, would be transparency through Congressionally funded research of major academic institutions. The last thing anyone wants is private individuals (read: pretender scientist whackjobs) messing about with the weather by performing unsupervised climate-altering experiments. But the austerity-obsessed Congress has scaled back government funding for research, so it does not look like Harvard or Stanford or Berkeley will receive major geoengineering grants soon.

But geoengineering research is going forward. The National Academy of Sciences will co-fund a project with the CIA to investigate geoengineering options to reduce the risk of climate change. Awesome idea. Who would we most want in charge of quick fixes to the global climate crisis? The CIA.

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