Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vacation Trivia

It is the eve of an August vacation departure, in which I'll be completely offline for a little more than a week. I didn't want to leave the blogsphere without something for the faithful readership to mull over while I'm gone. So, a bit of trivia to keep the mind turning through the August doldrums. Feel free to submit answers in the comments section. Cheaters will be punished, and that means no use of the interwebs to track down the answer.

Who is the only US President who did not die an American citizen?


  1. Does this count Obama? I still haven't seen his birth certificate...

  2. John Tyler, inveterate Confederate.

  3. Your trivia question inspired me to read a little about John Tyler. Admittedly, I did not dig much deeper than Wikipedia. Tyler fathered more children than any other President in history -- 15. Busy man.